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Pet Grooming (Certificate)

Program Overview

A successful career as a pet groomer requires a tremendous amount of patience as well as a great love for animals. Several pet owners these days are seeking out the competent services of pet groomers to pamper their beloved pets. By enrolling in our Pet Groomer training program you will develop the skills needed to become a proficient Pet Groomer. This institution provides you the opportunity to avail this training at affordable rates and is extremely convenient for you as it allows you to complete your course in the comforts of your own home and at a schedule that is convenient for you.

Your training will include:

• Different breeds of cats and dogs, their personalities as well as appropriate handling of animals
• Grooming preparation
• Anatomy of animals and their health care
• Bathing and drying techniques
• Selection and proper use of equipments as well as maintenance of equipments

Learn all this and much more at our reputed institution. We will provide you with all the skills needed to advance your career in this field and become a sought after Pet Groomer. In as less as seven months from the time of enrollment, you will gain the expertise needed to succeed as a Pet Groomer.

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Tuition includes the following:

• Books, study guides and learning aids necessary for course work
• Expert instructional aid
• Right to access student service via mail, phone as well as the website

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